When is graffiti no graffiti.  When its authorised and done by the council.   Japan has this respect for superheros you just dont get anywhere else.  Can you imagine London councils painting Fat Slags over public toilets or the US spray painting XKCD sencils onto New York subway walls. Not likely.

Link (from Gizmodo)


Xkcd book now out

The XKCD book is now out at his website store

He says:
“Hey! I’ve finally finished the first xkcd book, and it’s now available in the store! xkcd: volume 0 is published by BreadPig, a company started by reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, and all publisher profits go toward building a school in Laos. The book features selections from the first 600 comics, including various author and fan favorites. It was lovingly assembled from high-resolution original scans of the comics (the mouseover text is discreetly included), and features a lot of doodles, notes, and puzzles in the margins. I hope you like it!”