Cormac McCarthy Interview

Wall Street Journal

Cormac clearly doesnt give too many interviews and you can see why by his thorough forthrightness (is that even a word?). It’s one of those interviews that remind you just how shallow so many before it are.

The whole interview kinda weirded me out a little, I have to say. You coudnt say the interviewer didnt get into his subject.   But I still had the feeling at the end that he revealed too much.  That if it were me, I almost sure I would wake from some mother of all hang overs and think, Jesus did I really tell him all that?

This is him, open, revealing; brazen almost.  The way he concedes that so much of the dialogue in On The Road is word for word conversations he’s had with his 8 year old boy, I just found a bit a creepy.
“John draws all the time, but I have to say he’s not very good, and I was very good. I was a child artist. A wunderkind. I did all kinds of stuff. Big showy paintings of animals. I haven’t done it in years. All that stuff vanished. I never followed it up.”

What else could you want from an interview but an insight into a character that makes you reasess everything you always thought about them.  After this I couldnt help but think of The Road in a new light. As his own death looms (he’s 76) he’s thinking about the legacy he passes on to his child. But for him the context of his own demise is translated in the book to the death of everyone else. That his child will be left in a empty wilderness without him.
But hell maybe its all the questions. John Jurgensen, the interviwer covers everything from God to love to morality, family and death. A few of the biggies in there.

“I’m not interested in writing short stories. Anything that doesn’t take years of your life and drive you to suicide hardly seems worth doing.”

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