New A380 Singapore Airlines Suites, but what is it missing?


The seriously-moneyed need look no further for travel.  This is the new Singapore airlines Suites, only available on the A380.

Now, for many of us this may not look too bad, but dig a little deeper and we can always find something to complain about:


1)      Where are the chandeliers? Am I seriously expected to eat under naked halogen? 
2)      Tableware designed by Givenchy? Frankly I’d be too embarrassed to eat.   Why stop there? Why not Dolce Gabana if we must celebrate Greek love.

3)      Oh and the pyjamas are also by Givenchy.  Is there a riding crop for hostess?

4)      No fireplace for the Pointsetters.

For just over £4k for a one-way to Sydney, I might just consider it, if they turned the first 30 rows of economy into a polo field.