Lucy McLaughlin exhibition

Lucy McLaughlan is a favorite artist of mine and has an exhibition on at the moment at Lazarides in London – wish I could make it.

She has great fluid lines that seem like they could go on forever.  The style of her work is so distingtive, her earlier stuff was suggestive of the 70’s Op art scene but most of this new stuff seems to go well and beyond that into something new.  For one, she has moved on from the monchromatic into warmer, earthier browns. But really the big leaps are in how she moves beyond the confines of a 4 borders s you can see from this awesome TACIT video below:

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When is graffiti no graffiti.  When its authorised and done by the council.   Japan has this respect for superheros you just dont get anywhere else.  Can you imagine London councils painting Fat Slags over public toilets or the US spray painting XKCD sencils onto New York subway walls. Not likely.

Link (from Gizmodo)

Bike courier set

Lately Ive been taking a bunch of photos of Bike Couriers and the their very cool fixed gear bikes. 

Every time I see one of them on their hyper-modified bikes, darting through the mad London traffic or idly balancing at the traffic lights, i think of Hiro Protagonist in Neil Stephhenson’s Snowcrash.

Ok, I know that that was actually pizza delivery, and it was a nano-tech skateboard but this is as close to sci-fi as you can find on the street.

This is a link to some of my latest photo’s in and around the streets of London.