Bill Murray interview

An awesome interview with Bill Murray by Dan Fierman, writing for GQ.  I’m not too sure what else he’s done, but googling him indicates that this interview must be one of his career highlights.  And it should be, its a coup just to get the guy.  But he’s also done his research, which makes the interview just flow.



Banksy’s first Australian Interview

The Age has Banksy’s first interview which is pretty funny.

He say’s: ”Making a film isn’t as much fun as it looks. I spent a year in a small, windowless room watching footage of sweaty vandals falling off ladders over and over again,” he says. ”If I make another film it’ll be called something like Kate Moss Undressingand maybe then I’d take more interest in the camera angles.”

So the premier is at the Acmi cinema on the 6th of June at 2pm.  Then from 5pm there’s a bunch of graffiti artists gathering around signing some Melbourne street art book, which could just be seen as signing their signatures.