Supposedly cinemagraphs are to gifs, what Instagram is to photo’s. Which is plain dumb. Its more like what zombies are to citizens or haute couture is to fashion. It’s a new form of an established format. Good cinemagraphs give a ghostly haunted quality to photographs. Often beautiful, the good ones still have a slightly haunting quality about them.

It would be good to be able to get them hanging on the wall in a good sized digital frame. And while you hold that thought, it’s only a small jump to go, well if I can get that framed then it would be good to get other digital art on the wall, too – finally finding a use for digital frames. Digital art like the pieces SEdition  are selling on their new site. It’s a brave new world they are trying to create – limited edition digital prints of photos and videos streamed through iPads, Iphones and TV’s. But here, too, no digital frames. It’s only a matter of time. And this is the space that Stillreel is exploring with a new blog dedicated to showcasing the best in new digital art and cinemagraphs and investigating ways that these new formats can be displayed on your wall. Looking forward to seeing more.