Caribou review

Odessa and Jamelia has a whole lot edgier Royksopp going on.  Sun has a similiar warped psychadelia of psychic chasms.

It has loads of really cool layers that all seem to contribute to its dreamy unsettling quality.  Old school trumpets and saxophones add a distant jazzy feel to beats without making it sound 80’s or just dated.
Found Out has this weak falsetto but almost manufactured weak like half of it just got digitally stripped out.
But although there are A few duller monents here it is the edgier tracks of Odessa, Sun that carry the album.  You can get it at Amazon: Swim


Mainly listening to Caribou.

This one, Odessa actually reminds me of a harder Royksopp. Watching the video is kinda bizzare. I wanted to clean my screen (is that a euphamism) the whole time.