The Informers


Brett Easten Ellis’ book The Informers is now an all-star cast movie.  Directed by Aussie director Gregor Jordan who did Two Hands and Ned Kelly, its apparantly a bore-fest of eighties culture-nostalga.  Intent on stripping all vestiges of relevance they have cut the whole undercurrent theme of vampires (Legion) from the movie.  Clearly a hideous mistake.  Apparantly the only reason you might go so it is for Amber Heard’s complete inability to keep her clothes on.

One review I came across summarised it as: ” flat as the Hollywood sign, with beautiful young people, all blonde, mostly naked, trying desperately to get up the energy to order something else from room service.”

While on the toilet it just occured to me that it must the first time Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke have been in the same movie together since 9.5 weeks.  23 years ago.  I feel old.

Official Trailor NSFW


Rules of Attraction – Victor

Thinking of going on holiday? Why bother.

Stay in. Watch TV. Save your money. There’s a recession on. Didnt you notice.

I love this scene in the movie. Just reading the book now and he gets laid way more in this movie than he does in the book.