Locals and Tourists #30 (GTWA #29): Melbourne

Melbourne as seen Locals and Tourists. The red are areas that are repeatedly photogaphed by tourists and the blue area’s are where the locals take photos.

There are a bunch of other cities there (81 in all) including London, New York, Sydney.  Sydney for some reason has locals taking masses of photos south along the Princes Highway.  God knows why.  Maybe they’re actually hte Google Street car trying to capture open Wifi networks.



Ghost Ships

This fleet of empty ships sits idle off the coast of Singapore waiting for the end of the recession to kick in. With Christmas orders long in and a long way down on previous years, something like 500 ships do nothing but try to fend off pirtates with scant on-board staff

“Ah Wat says: ‘We don’t understand why they are here. There are so many ships but no one seems to be on board. When we sail past them in our fishing boats we never see anyone. They are like real ghost ships and some people are scared of them. They believe they may bring a curse with them and that there may be bad spirits on the ships.’ ”

And the funny thing is while these boats sit there rusting away orders made years ago for new container boats are being delivered righht now, such is the lag time in manufacture.

It reminds me of Neil Stephensons Snow Crash where hundreds off boats are all lashed together to form an interanational community off-shore. Perfect for some 20-20 matches?


[care of boingboing]

New A380 Singapore Airlines Suites, but what is it missing?


The seriously-moneyed need look no further for travel.  This is the new Singapore airlines Suites, only available on the A380.

Now, for many of us this may not look too bad, but dig a little deeper and we can always find something to complain about:


1)      Where are the chandeliers? Am I seriously expected to eat under naked halogen? 
2)      Tableware designed by Givenchy? Frankly I’d be too embarrassed to eat.   Why stop there? Why not Dolce Gabana if we must celebrate Greek love.

3)      Oh and the pyjamas are also by Givenchy.  Is there a riding crop for hostess?

4)      No fireplace for the Pointsetters.

For just over £4k for a one-way to Sydney, I might just consider it, if they turned the first 30 rows of economy into a polo field.


Large Hadron Rap

Turn the geek factor up to max and you still might pull up short on this LHC rap-tour

(Thanks Deb)

Broken wrist

On Sunday i slipped on my bike going round a wet corner. The back slid out from under me on the wet tarmac but i braked and corrected and not a second later the back wheel slid out again and i went down. I fell on the right wrist. Lying there with the traffic backing up i looked at mt left hand and thought that looked ok and then at my right and the whole wrist had just popped up. It looked aweful. The first thing I felt was just anger.

Ive been training for the Brighton triathlon now for probably 4 months and had 3 weeks to go. And for the last 2 months thats been on average 5 times a week.

The pain only really hit in the hospital and between getting the Synthetic morphine and it actually working i was making noises like a growling dog. One part of me was like HST in Fear and loathing, where he can he see himself acting like a mad man on an ether binge but there’s mothing he can do about it.

Once it hit they had 2 doctors pulling and twisting my wrist back into shape. After that it was into theatre where they get these drugs that apparantly give you retrograde amnesia which is such a wierd thing to get your head around. All very Matrix. The doctor came into my ward a couple of hours after and asked, with this smile on his face, did i remember what he told me. And i had to tell him i didnt even see him! So i imagine we had this converation in the theatre where he’s telling me i wont remember any of this and me not believing him.

Hospital for one night was aweful. Full of old insane woman. And some guy who had thrown himself out a window. One old woman kept waking up every half hour and yellling out “Bed pan, nurse! I need to go” and then banging on the side of her bed with a cup because they had taken her buzzer away. It felt like prison.
So it’s all really irritating but 6 weeks it should be ok, and hell, it could have been much worse.  A couple of people have told me about people they know or have seen knocked off their bikes and get broken necks.  Could be a lot worse.

Large Hadron Collider v Quark Stars

Testing is now complete on the Large Hadron Collider at Cern on the Swiss/France border. Cern are now ready for the September 10 launch in search of the illusive Higgs Boson, the missing sub-atomic particle that should theoretically provide the mass for the atom.

There have been some concerns, however that collisions could introduce Micro Black Holes and things called Strangelets (otherwise known as Quark Stars or Strange Stars). Should we be concerned? One publication says we should be, although Cern’s own research seems to substantiate the safety of the experiment.

It’s the stuff of science fiction.