X-Gen gets a mid-life crisis

New York times has an article on how Gen-x is getting old.

I remember getting Douglas Coupland’s Generation X as a present once in Uni and wondering what to do with it.  I didnt know what Veal fattening pens were in those days.  Little did I know it was a sign of my future.  Now I think back on all the dull bank cubicles I’ve occupied in various countries around the world and wish I had taken some photographs of the sheer banality.  The same Techie smurf and Buzz Lightyear would probably be on most.  Some ironic cartoon, a dilbert probably with the caption changed to be something more cutting.  I actually have some from Sydney that I took with a few balloons still hanging from some dull milestone celebration or other – dark storm clouds looming in the background. I’ll see if I can find them.

It’s such a brutal article, I found myself wanting to cringe from the attack.   I could see myself at every turn, every generalisation of a cultural cliche was a badge I had called and even still call my own.  “We’re all individuals” chant the crowd.

Or maybe the article is just a movie review in the guise of a sentimental pseudo philosophy, in which case we should blank it like the good media-jujitsu kids that we are.



Gonzo book


23 days left on this HST Gonzo book.  Although if you look around, you could probably find it cheaper.  Saw in London at a small gallery and for the next two weeks tried to convince myself that it was worth the £200 original cost.  Just couldnt do it in the end, but loved the look of it.   It also comes with a limited HST print. (Update: you can now also get it on Amazon: Gonzo for £228 – no one said it was cheap!)

Speaking of prints, I came across this website which is selling original Hunter prints and some awesome ones at that.  No prices attached but I will send off a request to them and when I know, you’ll know.

Sandy and Agar at Big Sur

Sandy and Agar at Big Sur


Oktoberfest Near you


If you cant make the Oktoberfest this year, then Wired has an interactive map that might help you to fine a more local alternative.

Or like me you might like the sound of one Umpa band, a keg of Hefferweisen and a few ladies in gossamer Lederhosen but are unable to think of anything worse than fields of unconcious antipideon teenagers lying in their own vomit, their 100 Club lanyards sinking slowly into the muddy fields.


Xkcd book now out

The XKCD book is now out at his website store

He says:
“Hey! I’ve finally finished the first xkcd book, and it’s now available in the store! xkcd: volume 0 is published by BreadPig, a company started by reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, and all publisher profits go toward building a school in Laos. The book features selections from the first 600 comics, including various author and fan favorites. It was lovingly assembled from high-resolution original scans of the comics (the mouseover text is discreetly included), and features a lot of doodles, notes, and puzzles in the margins. I hope you like it!”

Bike courier set

Lately Ive been taking a bunch of photos of Bike Couriers and the their very cool fixed gear bikes. 

Every time I see one of them on their hyper-modified bikes, darting through the mad London traffic or idly balancing at the traffic lights, i think of Hiro Protagonist in Neil Stephhenson’s Snowcrash.

Ok, I know that that was actually pizza delivery, and it was a nano-tech skateboard but this is as close to sci-fi as you can find on the street.

This is a link to some of my latest photo’s in and around the streets of London.

Stuff white people like

I just found this site Stuff White People Like through Coolhunters.com. Luckily I was just looking for an excuse to toss out my Phillip Glass Pocahontas cd, or whatever it was called.

Very amusing

Iphone Telescope

If you’ve been thinking to yourself what my iphone needs is a telecope for my 2 megapiel camera, then your’e in luck cos mobile computer have found just the thing from Brando. But the best part is getting Brando to explain their own product:

“- Install the crystal case first enclosed with the telescope.
– Adjust the clear focus with the naked eye.
– It can take a picture while fixing the telescope on back crystal case. (If the screen of your cellphone is analyzed degree enough, you can adjust the focus with the screen of the cellphone).”