Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets

This is a quote Steve Steinberg uses from William Burroughs to explain the future of AI.  This is a a brilliant and well reasoned argument about the direction of near-time AI in the context of autonomous intelliegence in vehicles, to accident insurance and search engine strategies. 

I enjoiyed the insurance and car stuff more than I did the search engine axis divergence.  But all interesting. 

“To prove [Risk compensation] even exists, one particularly inspired British researcher had volunteers ride bicycles on a closed course, with half the people wearing helmets and proper attire, and the other half clad in their underwear. Graduate students positioned on the sidelines graded the volunteers performance and tallied any unsafe maneuvers. The results showed that the unclothed group practiced much safer driving habits, thereby supporting risk compensation theory – and Britain’s reputation for eccentricity”

Link via BoingBoing


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