X-Gen gets a mid-life crisis

New York times has an article on how Gen-x is getting old.

I remember getting Douglas Coupland’s Generation X as a present once in Uni and wondering what to do with it.  I didnt know what Veal fattening pens were in those days.  Little did I know it was a sign of my future.  Now I think back on all the dull bank cubicles I’ve occupied in various countries around the world and wish I had taken some photographs of the sheer banality.  The same Techie smurf and Buzz Lightyear would probably be on most.  Some ironic cartoon, a dilbert probably with the caption changed to be something more cutting.  I actually have some from Sydney that I took with a few balloons still hanging from some dull milestone celebration or other – dark storm clouds looming in the background. I’ll see if I can find them.

It’s such a brutal article, I found myself wanting to cringe from the attack.   I could see myself at every turn, every generalisation of a cultural cliche was a badge I had called and even still call my own.  “We’re all individuals” chant the crowd.

Or maybe the article is just a movie review in the guise of a sentimental pseudo philosophy, in which case we should blank it like the good media-jujitsu kids that we are.



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