X-Gen gets a mid-life crisis

New York times has an article on how Gen-x is getting old.

I remember getting Douglas Coupland’s Generation X as a present once in Uni and wondering what to do with it.  I didnt know what Veal fattening pens were in those days.  Little did I know it was a sign of my future.  Now I think back on all the dull bank cubicles I’ve occupied in various countries around the world and wish I had taken some photographs of the sheer banality.  The same Techie smurf and Buzz Lightyear would probably be on most.  Some ironic cartoon, a dilbert probably with the caption changed to be something more cutting.  I actually have some from Sydney that I took with a few balloons still hanging from some dull milestone celebration or other – dark storm clouds looming in the background. I’ll see if I can find them.

It’s such a brutal article, I found myself wanting to cringe from the attack.   I could see myself at every turn, every generalisation of a cultural cliche was a badge I had called and even still call my own.  “We’re all individuals” chant the crowd.

Or maybe the article is just a movie review in the guise of a sentimental pseudo philosophy, in which case we should blank it like the good media-jujitsu kids that we are.



Banksy’s first Australian Interview

The Age has Banksy’s first interview which is pretty funny.

He say’s: ”Making a film isn’t as much fun as it looks. I spent a year in a small, windowless room watching footage of sweaty vandals falling off ladders over and over again,” he says. ”If I make another film it’ll be called something like Kate Moss Undressingand maybe then I’d take more interest in the camera angles.”

So the premier is at the Acmi cinema on the 6th of June at 2pm.  Then from 5pm there’s a bunch of graffiti artists gathering around signing some Melbourne street art book, which could just be seen as signing their signatures.


Galerie Stratique

I’ve been a fan of Galerie Stratique ever since I came across them on some Boards of Canada forum or something. I’de downloaded a few songs and listened to them for ages until I realized how much I liked them and thought it was probably best if I bought them.

So I go onto Discogs.com and buy all three albums from one of their dealers. So the seller and I have a few emails back and forth and he’s a really nice guy and he asks me where I came across them and I tell him, mentioning that I felt giulty about illegally downloading the few tracks and he says ‘here’s a man with a conscience!’ Now because they’re coming from Alaska it takes forever and I’m chasing him up, saying, hey have you sent them or what?

I finally get them and I check out the back cover of Horizzons and check the name of the guy behind the music and it’s him! The same guy.

Link or you can get it on Amazon: Nothing Down to Earth (the better one , oi reckon)


Mainly listening to Caribou.

This one, Odessa actually reminds me of a harder Royksopp. Watching the video is kinda bizzare. I wanted to clean my screen (is that a euphamism) the whole time.

In search of Jack Karouac

Saw a doco on Jack Karouac the other day on Foxitel’s Studio channel. What a strange man, so many conflicting attitudes to freedom and religion. I loved the part where reads from On the Road behind the piano and I’ve included it here. It starts 2.08 in.