Gonzo book


23 days left on this HST Gonzo book.  Although if you look around, you could probably find it cheaper.  Saw in London at a small gallery and for the next two weeks tried to convince myself that it was worth the £200 original cost.  Just couldnt do it in the end, but loved the look of it.   It also comes with a limited HST print. (Update: you can now also get it on Amazon: Gonzo for £228 – no one said it was cheap!)

Speaking of prints, I came across this website which is selling original Hunter prints and some awesome ones at that.  No prices attached but I will send off a request to them and when I know, you’ll know.

Sandy and Agar at Big Sur

Sandy and Agar at Big Sur



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  1. I finally got a response back from M+B on the Huster S Thompson Self Portrait, Puerto Rico which is just an awesome photo. And I think it’s fair to say that I won’t be buying it anytime soon. Admittedly it’s a print of 10 (others on the site seem to be more inclined to 1/100) but it came to $8000 USD. Unframed.

    The woman actually said it was an edition of 10 + 3AP. Anyone know what 3AP means?

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