Reverse Graffiti


I love this.  Reverse Graffiti takes the elements of graffiti  that highlight the hypocrisy of council policies, public property laws and definitions of vandalism and ratchets them all up a notch.

It’s so clean in its pure expression of the clumsiness of policy to deal with public art. Reverse Graffiti is the removal of dirt or cleaning away sections to “paint” a picture:

“Instead of applying an image, it is taken away, carved, wiped or power washed out of the omnipotent dirt. The viewer is greeted by a quality piece of street art while simultaneously realising just how filthy the area actually is.”

Miranda Marcus from her article in Sevenglobal makes the point in the article that it’s basically a community service – cleaning walls to reveal something beautiful.

There’s no way you can consider it a crime.  And the only way to get rid of it is to clean the walls thereby further improving the infrastructure of our neighbourhoods.


Source photo: valkyrieh116


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