Reverse Graffiti


I love this.  Reverse Graffiti takes the elements of graffiti  that highlight the hypocrisy of council policies, public property laws and definitions of vandalism and ratchets them all up a notch.

It’s so clean in its pure expression of the clumsiness of policy to deal with public art. Reverse Graffiti is the removal of dirt or cleaning away sections to “paint” a picture:

“Instead of applying an image, it is taken away, carved, wiped or power washed out of the omnipotent dirt. The viewer is greeted by a quality piece of street art while simultaneously realising just how filthy the area actually is.”

Miranda Marcus from her article in Sevenglobal makes the point in the article that it’s basically a community service – cleaning walls to reveal something beautiful.

There’s no way you can consider it a crime.  And the only way to get rid of it is to clean the walls thereby further improving the infrastructure of our neighbourhoods.


Source photo: valkyrieh116


New A380 Singapore Airlines Suites, but what is it missing?


The seriously-moneyed need look no further for travel.  This is the new Singapore airlines Suites, only available on the A380.

Now, for many of us this may not look too bad, but dig a little deeper and we can always find something to complain about:


1)      Where are the chandeliers? Am I seriously expected to eat under naked halogen? 
2)      Tableware designed by Givenchy? Frankly I’d be too embarrassed to eat.   Why stop there? Why not Dolce Gabana if we must celebrate Greek love.

3)      Oh and the pyjamas are also by Givenchy.  Is there a riding crop for hostess?

4)      No fireplace for the Pointsetters.

For just over £4k for a one-way to Sydney, I might just consider it, if they turned the first 30 rows of economy into a polo field.


Bruce Robinson selling 1962 Aston Martin

Withnail and I director Bruse Robinson is selling his 1962 Aston Martin (which apparantly appeared briefly in the movie) for 250,000 to 300,000.

Any fans out there looking for a bit of memorabillia?

Apparantly, “all the things I used to love about driving are all illegal nowadays. It’s a fucking nightmare really,” he complained. 


From another article by Richard Fleury:

“This ambition was fired by the man whose name Robinson took for his most famous creation. An alcoholic upper-class scoundrel, Johnny Withnall (Robinson added the ‘I’) was a friend of Robinson’s father. Obliterated on booze, he took the young Bruce out for a spin in his Aston, stopping occasionally to fling open his door and spew. Bruce was thrilled.

“I must have been eight or 10,’ he recalls. ‘I can’t remember if it was a DB4 or a DB2 but he used to drive in state of complete Messerschmitt pilot danger. Completely pissed. And I really fancied all of that when I was a kid.”

So what’s he been up to?  Well apparantly looking adapting Hunter S Thompson’s Rum Diary for za big screen. Again sourced from Richards article:

“I don’t think anybody can drink like that and stay alive,’ he says. ‘I met him in the Chateau Marmont, that big hotel on Sunset (Boulevard) and he had 200 Dunhills, an industrial coke grinder you could mince trees with, huge pile of coke, huge bag of grass, two bottles of Chivas, and he was presiding over that with a towel over his head, sitting at the table. And in an hour and a half of being there, ostensibly to talk to him, I didn’t say a word to him. Not a single word. He was just so blown. When he went to the bathroom inside his suite it was like a pinball, bouncing off the walls. Christ, that’s a sad sight.”


Sad Trader guys

Its like LOLCats but for traders. Sad traders. Sad traders on trading floors.


Source: Boingboing

Newcastle’s stand-in manager lays into the press

I love this exchange, published in all its wart’s and all. I dont knoow anything about football and even less about Newcastle united, but you don’t have to enjoy this car crash in slow motion.

Journalist: “Bollocks to that” is what you said.
JK: Bollocks to that. And what goes after that?
Journalist: That was it.
JK: No it wasn’t, no it wasn’t. What was after it? I don’t know if it was your paper, but what went after it?
Journalist: I don’t know.
JK: It even had the cheek to say “bollocks to Newcastle”.
Journalist: I didn’t write that.
JK: That was my first ***** day. What does that tell you? What does that tell you?
Journalist: Where was that? Which paper said that?
JK: I’ve got it. I can’t remember. It was one of the Sundays, not a Saturday. It was a Sunday.

WARNING: loads of swearing included