Gonzo: The movie

I can confirm that the first UK viewing of the Hunter S Thompson documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson by Alex Gibney will be at this years London Film Festival.

Other films that will be on include Oliver Stone’s biopic of Bush, simply called W and Steve McQueen’s Hunger, a biopic of Bobby Sands.

But the highlight for me is by far Gonzo. Times have not been updated on the bfi website yet. It runs from Oct 15th, if that helps. When I have ‘em, I’ll post ’em.

Source: The Guardian


3 Responses

  1. BFI have updated their website with times for the London Film Festival.
    Gonzo will be shown on Mon and Tues the 27th and 28th of Oct at the West End Odean.

    Expect cigarette holders, Hawaiian shirts, Terry Towelling hats, socks and sandals. And thats just me!

    You can get priority booking if you join up with BFI, but at £35, i might take my chances.


  2. Booking for the London Film Festival starts on Thurs ( 18th) for members and Friday the 26th for non-members.

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