Bike courier set

Lately Ive been taking a bunch of photos of Bike Couriers and the their very cool fixed gear bikes. 

Every time I see one of them on their hyper-modified bikes, darting through the mad London traffic or idly balancing at the traffic lights, i think of Hiro Protagonist in Neil Stephhenson’s Snowcrash.

Ok, I know that that was actually pizza delivery, and it was a nano-tech skateboard but this is as close to sci-fi as you can find on the street.

This is a link to some of my latest photo’s in and around the streets of London.


Pest Control v Vermin


Seems like the art-graffiti showdown is upon us as Pest Control, the Banksy-backed authentication body set up by Steve Lazarides of Lazarides gallery is attempting to get Vermin’s street art Banksy’s removed from the Lyon & Turnbull Contemporary artauction, set to start viewings on Thursday this week in Marlebone.

The Telegraph has a update on the controversial auction: 

“The sale will clearly be a test case but only, of course, if it actually takes place. As the Daily Telegraph went to press, news was filtering through that Pest Control was seeking to have all the works withdrawn from the sale.”

I’m not surprised they’re trying to get Vermin thrown out. Iif they go ahead it will signify tacit approval that the 2 authentication organisations should generally accepted as  2 sides of the same coin.  I believe a body should exist to authenticate Banksy street art but it should at least be condoned by the artist himself, which it clearly isnt in this case.

As if the Banksy issue wasnt enough, there is a debate going on as to whether Michael Wojas should be in any position to sell the works of the famous artists from the Colony Room Club in Soho since the artists gave the work to the club and not him:

“It is turning very nasty indeed. The members are now demanding that either Wojas proves his title to the works on sale, which is to take place this Saturday and all of which are featured in a lavish catalogue prepared by Lyon and Turnbull, or withdraw them immediately. If he fails to do this, they say, legal action will be taken to have the disputed works removed from the sale.”

Source: The First Post

Great entrance for this art gallery into the art world.

10k Profit off short selling

Get into work, hung-over, and this guy who sits opposite me tells me he’s made a 6k loss on the markets this morning.  I’m staggered, he punts his own money here and there makes a 100 quid, 2 if he’s lucky.

Turns out though he’s moaning that he closed off half his bet last night, and if he hadn’t he would be 15.5k up instead of the nearly 10k he’s made overnight on a £100 bet.

Yesterday at close, he bought Lloyds £100 a point spreadbet at a price of £2.37.

In his own words:

“After close the FSA announced that from today short selling in financial institutions is banned. As Lloyds had been systematically shorted by hedge funds I could look forward to an increase in the Lloyds share price as the hedge funds would need to buy to close their short positions.”

At 9pm, he closed out half his position for £1,6450.00 profit.

“As the markets opened at 8am next day I needed to use my laptop on the train (with mobile broadband) to close the other half of my position.  As I logged on Lloyds shot up to £3.94 so I closed for a profit of £7,850 on the other half of the trade.”

It’s all luck though, he had no idea that  the FSA  would cancel shorting, forcing hedge funds to buy to cover their positions. 

Large Hadron Rap

Turn the geek factor up to max and you still might pull up short on this LHC rap-tour

(Thanks Deb)

Gonzo: The movie

I can confirm that the first UK viewing of the Hunter S Thompson documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson by Alex Gibney will be at this years London Film Festival.

Other films that will be on include Oliver Stone’s biopic of Bush, simply called W and Steve McQueen’s Hunger, a biopic of Bobby Sands.

But the highlight for me is by far Gonzo. Times have not been updated on the bfi website yet. It runs from Oct 15th, if that helps. When I have ‘em, I’ll post ’em.

Source: The Guardian


Just come across on the Techcruch50 site which is hosting a 2 day startup conference in San Francisco.

Stockmood apparently use artificial intelligence to fish through the national press (US, that is) and gather sentiment about particular shares:

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Banksy authentication

(photo - writers own)

an "unauthorised" banksy on city road (photo - writers own)

Artnet have a very interesting article on the companies formed around providing some credibility (note, not authenticity) around street art and more specifically Banksy’s work.

The first is Pest Control, which is loosely based around Lazarides gallery.

This in itself isn’t very surprising as it is the largest distributor of Banksy artwork and prints and owner Steve Lazarides is Banksy’s publicist.

What is surprising is they are only going as far as original artworks and prints and not to actual streetworks.

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