Cans Festival 2 at Waterloo

Leake street has gone through another incarnartion as officially sanctioned graffiti zone. The first Cans Festival in May was restricted to stencil art but this bank holiday has been extended to free hand.

No Banksy’s on display on this one, I’m afraid. But stacks of burnt out cars with Jackson Pollock-syled paint splatterings that seemed to remind of some U2 Zooropa video, or something.

I was down there yesterday and took some photos which I posted on my Flickr account:



Large Hadron Collider v Quark Stars

Testing is now complete on the Large Hadron Collider at Cern on the Swiss/France border. Cern are now ready for the September 10 launch in search of the illusive Higgs Boson, the missing sub-atomic particle that should theoretically provide the mass for the atom.

There have been some concerns, however that collisions could introduce Micro Black Holes and things called Strangelets (otherwise known as Quark Stars or Strange Stars). Should we be concerned? One publication says we should be, although Cern’s own research seems to substantiate the safety of the experiment.

It’s the stuff of science fiction.


Iphone Telescope

If you’ve been thinking to yourself what my iphone needs is a telecope for my 2 megapiel camera, then your’e in luck cos mobile computer have found just the thing from Brando. But the best part is getting Brando to explain their own product:

“- Install the crystal case first enclosed with the telescope.
– Adjust the clear focus with the naked eye.
– It can take a picture while fixing the telescope on back crystal case. (If the screen of your cellphone is analyzed degree enough, you can adjust the focus with the screen of the cellphone).”



Rules of Attraction – Victor

Thinking of going on holiday? Why bother.

Stay in. Watch TV. Save your money. There’s a recession on. Didnt you notice.

I love this scene in the movie. Just reading the book now and he gets laid way more in this movie than he does in the book.

Vegan Tattoo

Saw this and thought of my vegetarian mates. At least as a word Vegan sounds quite nice. Veggo, would be less cool.

Also wouldnt people could get you confused for Trekkie?


American Graffiti

The Antonio family caught between taggers and the council. They can graffiti their own walls how they like it and at their own expense and face arrest or they can paint the wall of their shop a dirty beige and leave it for the taggers to nail.

Echoes of how councils have little idea on how to tackle graffiti can be found in Manchester where the local council has threatened local residents with tidying up tagging and graffiti on their back fences or face £1000 fines.

Cairns city council in Australia is having a go at trying something different:

“It has just adopted a revised Graffiti Management Policy in which “council recognises aerosol art as a legitimate form of art”.

It has also decided to “provide opportunities where possible for aerosol artists to express themselves safely and legally”.”

Recognising the art form and providing legal environments for them to work, may at least cause a split between the artists and the “vandals”.


Sign o’ the times

Seems construction workers around cheapside (and there are a few of them) have been contributing their own opinions on their apparant second class status.

Saw a truck driving around the city the other day – I think it was HSH Tools and the tag line under the corporate logo was something like “Jobs for Tools”, which I took as a personal affront on city workers.