So have upgraded their site and in the process seemed to turn what started out as one guy, a camera and early morning surf into a fully fledged business. Who knew.

I love his stuff – great shots and useful surf reports. Now he’s upgraded his online shop, got BIGGER pictures which is great for you and me who like downloading his photos as Wallpapers.



Weird Cuil

The boys at Techcrunch were having some difficulty getting to grips with, the new search engine designed by an ex-google employee to replace google as your search tool of choice.

The images that it chooses to go with the sites selected dont really match. As they found out when they “Cuil’ed” themselves, only to get an image of some geek photo who no one knew.

I did the same with Super 14 and got some pretty wierd results including this image below, which if I’m not mistaken is an advert for England. I knew the Aussies were keen on rejigging the Super14, but this ludicrous.


Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii

NZ’s policy on what constitutes a reasonable name is far from clear.  What’s so funny is the English are clearly not immune judging by some of the comments afterwards.


Mr Russel Sprout from London is just begging to have the front of his house spraypinted with something suitable like:

“Nobody likes you, knobface”

Wall-E Street 2: Gekko v Basel

wall street

Been trying to chase down some factoids around the potential release of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, which was reported as having started pre-production in May 2007. Since then there’s been scarcely a peep on it. What we do know:Michael Douglas is still in, having just come out of jail.

Oliver Stone is out since he’s been busy apparently doing Bush W’s biopic.Its set around Hedge Funds.

And potentially it has a release date of the end of 2009.

Assuming it even gets made, being so out of tune with the world economy, its bound to be an absolute stinker.

Contribute your movie suggestions on Bankers Ball:

3 mil cocktail dress

I called this triathlon shop this morning trying to hire a wetsuit for the triathlon season.  This woman asks me for my measurements: weight, height, chest size.  Chest Size?  “Yes, what size suit jacket do you wear”. 

“I have no idea”. 

She needs my chest size, so I promise to measure it over the weekend.  She tells me not to puff out my chest. No posturing.  “Ok”.  I tell her what she really needs is a gut size, but she disagrees. 

“Wetsuits are great for sucking in the gut”, she tells me – and this is true, that its good to wear a wetsuit under a dress, works like a corset.

Keeps everything in place. 

I wont be able to look at a woman in a cocktail dress in the same way again.

Kill Yr Idols

A fantastic demolition of the old hippy whom no one undertands even when we can actually hear him.

Thanks Sqwooz